The Network

The QT network delivers millions of minutes of international call termination every day to over 100 countries. With direct routes around the world, we deliver an appealing combination of competitive pricing, high capacity and superior quality.

As innovators in VoIP delivery, all our direct routes offer the highest level of stability. And with our global infrastructure, our network provides the scale, efficiency, and innovation you need to deliver value to your customers.

The QT Network is truly global with direct routes to almost every continent.


With more than a decade of experience in large-scale VoIP, QT offers unparalleled expertise in IP and TDM interconnects for high-quality international voice service. We offer global voice termination to carriers and service providers who require broad coverage and minimal fluctuations in quality metrics. If you're looking to optimize your cost while achieving high levels of route stability, QT is the ideal carrier. We build on the efficiency of our direct IP routes selected for their stability, cost, and voice quality, supplementing them with select providers to broaden code coverage and enhance stability.

QT wholesale, is the backbone of the revolutionary Pure Minutes calling platform. This application allows the end-users who were victimized by underhanded calling card companies and high priced mobile operators a solution to make international calls economically. Pure Minutes is featured for sale in many locations including but not limited to every MoneyGram location.


QT uses the best current technologies to meet customer requirements for quality voice termination. For operators who require advanced features such as guaranteed high ASR and ACD, we offer these key features:

Features Include:

  • TDM circuits into QT's Global Network interconnection facilities.
  • Transfer of CLI to most mobile & European fixed destinations.
  • High Level of Stability
  • Higher Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) than market level with unparalleled ALOC (average length of call).
  • Proprietary routing engine technology utilizes real-time IP quality monitoring to select the best quality route for each call.
  • Worldwide voice termination
  • Direct routes, with carefully selected suppliers. All our switching is done in facilities with co-located equipment.
  • FAX
  • Delivery of T38 Protocol calls to a large number of fixed destinations.


With QT, carriers can quickly implement direct IP interconnects to the QT global network for highly efficient, high-quality worldwide call termination. Our clients have the option of sending their highly sensitive retail voice traffic through direct routes or Tier 1 routes used by the world's largest carriers for cost-effective international calling. We offer International fixed & mobile voice traffic terminated via direct links and carefully selected quality suppliers.

QT provides traditional TDM interconnects that meet the industry's highest quality standards, and support advanced features such as CLI and roaming. Mobile operators can access QT's network through TDM ingress points in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Broad Access Points

We provide worldwide access through QT's high quality voice network with access points in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London among others. These access points are delivered through the world-renown co-location facility, Telehouse

Dedicated VoIP Interconnects

The QT network provides a VoIP backbone that is integrated via Genband soft-switching technology. QT also uses Cisco gateways and gatekeepers as well as cutting edge Dell servers to create a state of the art VoIP environment.

Our Edge

With QT, carriers benefit from lower capital and operational costs of VoIP. Our years of experience as one of the early innovators in VoIP technology means we offer the most reliable proprietary call routing and real-time IP quality management technology, rare operational expertise, and extensive vendor relationships. As long as consumers value low cost and a clear signal, we offer a clear advantage. Our network provides the scale, efficiency, and innovation you need to deliver value to your customers.

Reaching the Markets that Matter

QT has grown into one of the world's largest international voice carriers with global network of direct routes and providers in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our scale ensures that you get cost-effective, high quality coverage worldwide through a single interconnection.

Key Features Include:

  • Highly stable, wholesale voice termination
  • Direct interconnects to over 100 countries
  • Broad coverage
  • Market-driven prices for international fixed & mobile voice traffic terminated via routing over certified direct and refile providers
  • Innovative Quality Monitoring and Routing Management Systems
  • Optimal routing lineups to insure lowest possible cost structure for the market segment
  • Daily testing on thousands of routes
  • Real-time automatic route performance monitoring controls to remove underperforming vendors
  • Proprietary routing engine technology utilizes real-time IP quality monitoring to select the best quality route for each call