Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 basic types of service plans and each has different features. Therefore, check the FAQ's for the following particular services:

Calls From Home Phone Or Business:

1. How does calling from home work? Making a call from your home line is very simple. We have 2 options:

1.) We send you a small routing device to your home, cailled an ATA box; it's small and very easy to install.

2.) We provide you with special access codes so you can dial in and access our long distance network. You do this by dialing a local access number, hear a special "dial tone" and then call to any of 35+ countries that the QT Talk plan offers.

2. Can I cancel my local phone service? Yes. As long as you have the ATA device and high-speed Internet, you do not need a local phone service anymore. You can even keep the current phone number you have now as long as you do not owe money on it. The local company MUST allow you to "Port" YOUR number to where-ever you want it. You can "port" it to us and your calls will come to you as always, and you can save on that cost. You pay only a flat rate of $19.95 to call anywhere in 40+ countries, so you'll save big!

3. I have no high-speed Internet, can I use the service? Yes. We will provide you with simple-to-use local access numbers and you can save on all your long distance calls. Just dial the local access numbers we provide and then call anywhere your plan allows, plus you will not need any equipment so you will save on activation costs too.

4. How long does it take to get the service? If you need our phone adapter, it will take 5-7 days to provision the service. If you do not want or need any equipment, your service can be provisioned within minutes from payment.

5. How Do I Pay For The Service? You will need to have a credit card on file with us or a checking account that we can electronically withdraw from. We prefer you use a credit or debit card for the system; that's how we save and you save too.

6. Is there a service guarantee? Yes. You will have 30 days to cancel the service with no cost if the service is not the quality you expect. Our VOIP technology is some of the best in the world. You have probably been using VOIP for already and just didn't know it.

7. How do I check my Voicemail? To access your QT Talk Voice Mail, simply dial *15 from your QT Talk phone.

Cell Phone or Mobile Phones:
First, please understand we are not a cellular phone service but a long distance provider. Therefore, when using your cell or mobile phone, you will still be using your regular minutes or free any-time minutes. You will, however, still save dramatically on any long distance usage, and all the features your phone has now will work on our system as well.

1. How Do I Make Calls From My Cell Phone? To save on calling to any of the 35+ countries the QT Talk plan offers, simply dial the provided "access numbers" to get you on our network. You will then hear a "dial tone" and you can enter the number you want to call worldwide. You will NOT be charged by your cell phone carrier, although you may be using standard minutes on your plan. Depending on your plan with us, your calls are low cost or, if on the "unlimited plan," there is NO ADDITIONAL cost at all.

2. Can I Call From Cell Phone to Cell Phone? Yes you can. We show you what countries allow such calls; otherwise, you can always use your cell phone to land-line ability, which means you can still call to anyone in 35+ countries.

3. I Have A Cell Phone, But No Internet: You do not need Internet access to use the service. As long as you have minutes available on your plan or if you are just paying as you go, you can call 35+ countries. You will need to go to the public library or a friend's house so you can add minutes online to your account. Future services will include a calling card you can buy that offers unlimited calls for a specific time so you have a choice to recharge the card or buy a new one.

Calls From Your Computer:
You can use the service to make calls directly from your computer to place calls to land-lines. That means the phone rings the same as always when you call it. It will even have your caller ID, so the caller knows it's you! All that is required to use your computer is our free "soft-phone." You can download it on your desktop or lap-top and take it with you anywhere in the world and the plan still works! Also, you can talk soft-phone to soft-phone absolutely free. You can do this even if the other party does not have the plan you have.

1. What is a Soft-Phone? A soft-phone is a downloadable software program that looks and acts like a real phone, but it's a software program, NOT a real "hard phone" like the one on your desk or kitchen counter.

2. Where can Soft-Phones Be Used? Anywhere you have a computer that is online with a hi-speed modem. There is no cost for the soft-phone. You can call land-lines in any of the 35+ countries.

3. Can a Soft-Phone Be Deactivated? Yes. QT Talk can deactivate a soft-phone or limit it based on the plan that you have in place.