November 18, 2011

QT Talk Announces the Release of New Smart Phone Applications

New York, NY – November 18, 2011 – QT Talk Incorporated, a leader in prepaid international mobile long-distance, unveiled an update to its Pure Minutes cutting-edge mobile applications for the Android and Apple smartphones. These mobile applications allow the user to make international phone calls from their mobile handset with ease and efficiency. These callers who were once victims of calling cards and exorbitant rates are now able to call their loved ones and business associates at a fraction of what it would cost over the normal mobile phone plan. This seamless application can be downloaded in the Apple store and the Android market. Where many applications charge you or let you download for free, Pure Minutes will actually give you three dollars of international calling. Users will have the benefit of a highly intelligent keyboard panel that allows them to fill contacts from their existing phone book for media dial. This highly innovative application will give them detailed call log records.

One of the most interesting aspects of this application is the aforementioned three dollar credit to download. "This feature is an exciting and unusual method to introduce subscribers to a premier application with an award," says Stefan Hinck, lead designer at QT Talk. "This creative and exciting feature does not stop there. Pure Minutes application subscribers will have the never-ending ability to add three free dollars to their balance by referring as many friends as possible." This smart phone technology allows users to refer friends and family while being compensated for having them join the QT family.

Pure Minutes is powered by the comprehensive QT Talk wholesale network. With a global reach of over 250 telecommunications carriers, subscribers will benefit from incredible pricing with flawless voice quality. In the coming weeks, this application is expected to be featured heavily throughout both Apple and Android circles. The launch of this product will make the international calling experience of the existing Pure Minutes subscribers much more flexible and efficient. It is expected to yield a windfall of new subscribers compounded again and again with its referral awards program.

About QT Talk Inc.

QT Talk provides prepaid international long distance services for Residential, Business and Mobile Services. The company offers flexible and affordable calling plans delivered through its Hosted VoIP platform, residential IP connectivity, business Internet and Mobile devices, replacing traditional telephone service, international calling plans and calling card programs. QT Talk services can be bought from a number of retail outlets, leading telephony consultants, and directly by contacting 212-461-3669.